Parameters of resistors that affect circuit design and operation

■”Even though you made a prototype of the circuit, but the operation became abnormal.”  In such a situation, w read more=>

Fusing Resistors

Fusing Resistors Fusing Resistors  With miniaturization and enhanced functionality/performance of electronic e read more=>


Power Rating The maximum value of power that can be continuously loaded at the rated ambient temperature. Rate read more=>

The lifetime of a metal glazed film resistor is 48,000 years!?

One of the failure modes of resistors is “disconnection/open”.  And one of the causes of the disconnection/ope read more=>

Electric corrosion mechanism & Design for countermeasures

Detailed mechanism of electric corrosion and countermeasures against it/Design considering electric corrosion  read more=>

What is electric corrosion? – Our efforts

Do you have any trouble with “electric corrosion” and “anodizing”? What is “elec read more=>

Surge/Pulse Voltages of Resistors

List of Anti Surge products A resistor has a “Rated Voltage” that is determined by a rated power a read more=>

Resistor Failure Modes

The failure modes of resistors are as follows. Disconnection (Open) Short circuit (Short) Unstable resistance  read more=>

How to Memorize Resistor Color Code

How to Memorize Resistor Color Code (Check out a Video of Color Code Printing!) Color Code that indicate resis read more=>

akaneohm’s Lead Wire Forming

Lead wire forming for electrical components     For vertical/integrated assembly ARN type: Crimped・Bulk A read more=>